Prison: Estrella, Women’s Jail, Maricopa County, Phoenix, AZ.

Prison: Estrella, Women's Jail, Maricopa County, Phoenix, AZ. GDK-The 99% “We Host Freedom” “GDK – Gaming Channel” The Est…

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  1. Couturegirl85 says:

    You think im gonna rob some little poor mexican dude? RASC

  2. Joe Mama says:

    These chicks are such train wrecks!

  3. crazyartv951 says:

    female prsions always have it good though

  4. crazyartv951 says:

    some prisons have its benefits but are worse in some ways than others, not all are the same.. there is prisons in russia with a pool for the prisoners to swim in.i havent herd of any american prisons with a pool lol

  5. OHKPodcasts says:

    I am from Moldova you idiot our systems are virtually the same just you American’s would have no idea where that is so I used a country which would make it easier for your pathetic brains. Russia’s prison system is a LOT tougher than USA’s ever will be, which means a lot of them do not wan’t to come back to prison unlike this crap here, where offenders have a cushy life style in prison which is fucking ridiculous. THEY HAVE COMMITTED A CRIME THEY SHOULD BE PUNISHED. not making girlfriends…

  6. rawfflecakes says:

    Proposal of a new justice system:
    - if you murder someone, you will get murdered in the same way.
    -If you rape someone, youll get raped back
    -if you’re a paedophile or child abuser, your genitals will get cut off.
    -if you steal from someone, your belongings will get seized depending on amount stolen.
    -if you abuse or hurt and living thing with the intent of causing harm to please yourself, then you get tortured in the same way.

    Now watch the world become a crime free zone!

  7. fullupper says:

    So what did you mean a-hole have you been to Russia to know what they do or just a jerk who can comment anonymously ????

  8. wj10373 says:

    Woop woop

  9. OHKPodcasts says:

    you are obviously retarded and didn’t understand what I meant.

  10. Sam Winchester says:

    lol she even punched the wall when she got angry when she said at the beginning that only retards do that :P 

  11. fullupper says:

    What’s fun about being prison and I bet you have done things in your life that if you were caught you could go to prison so save your criticizing about prison until you get your time and then you can tell the judge to send you to Russia where you can do hard time like the gangster you are.

  12. fullupper says:

    Do you want your Creator to judge you as harshly as you judge these people?

  13. soweto able says:

    SEND THEM TO African jail and they will be sorry for their evil crimes if , the victims are are in pain and here they are f***********************

  14. blackXSpr says:

    that heroin slut changed her mind so fast… what a dumb bitch

  15. EXALTEDDIRT says:

    Are you good enough to go to Heaven? Ever told a lie? Ever stolen? Ever looked at a woman with Lust? Ever hated anyone? If so, God sees you as a Lying, Thieving, Adulterer, and murderer at heart and you must face God on Judgment day.God will judge you by his Law’s. Will you be Innocent or Guilty? Heaven or Hell? Revelation 21v8 says; “All liars will have their part in the lake of fire” No thief or Adulterer will enter Heaven.You broke God’s Law’s but Jesus paid your fine! Trust in Christ alone

  16. jirau54 says:

    Burn Wicca burn!!!!!!!

  17. Meechie Bancos says:

    so is it true that homosexuals will be put into the same lake of fire as liars and those who promiscous? at least that’s what “mom said…” (and don’t nobody say nothing about my monna either – I no too many mom jokes)

  18. klade77 says:

    That’s one big dyke convention.

  19. ms3pugz says:

    This is where arias is?!?!?!?! Hahahaha !!!!!!!!

  20. abdullah -sa says:


  21. hotties3v3n says:

    you’re a idiot.

  22. hotties3v3n says:

    this ish is nasty!i felt sick hearing “daddy”say all that “stuff” ewwww!

  23. hotties3v3n says:

    21:30 whatever that did’nt take long.smh

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